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Past projects /experiences in invocations

Design incremental innovations

1. Evo 360:-Reusable multipurpose Heart Stabilizers with Cooley Atrial Retractor made up of Titanium which enhanced stability, more numbers of rings in flexible arms offer better articulation, and a lower profile for unlimited positioning options ,automatic pod spread feature that enhances visibility at the anastomotic site .It can be attachable to any sternal retractor system, titanium interlock-joints offers ultimate strength ,maximum versatility with interchangeable optional (foot pods , colley Atrial retractor, LA retractor , ASD/VSD rose retractor) ball-joint connection of attachments provides additional degrees of freedom.

  1. Novo XT:–Multipurpose Suture cut Needle Holder with Knot pusher for Laparoscopics , Minimal invasive cardiac surgery& open surgery offer more control in the main surgeon hands & also save the time of the surgery.
  2. Ap XL:–Long Reusable black line Aortic punches (3.5, 4, 4.5, 5 mm) for Robotic & Laparoscopic kidney transplant & CABG. Current punch is only for open surgery shorter in length & consumable.

4.D Kaul :-Reusable stainless steel cardioplegia cannulae (9Fr) with Insertion Needle, titanium bullet suction for infants, RA cannulae provide solutions to their unique needs which reduces the cost of off pump surgery by 50%

Pipeline innovating products

  1. Multipurpose illuminated retractors which can be used in different surgeries & reduce the burden of headlight from the surgeon head.
  2. ASD close device.
  3. Titanium Ring Implant for Aortic aneurysm