Surgical Instruments

Surgitech Healthcare instruments are manufactured by using the best possible stainless steel conforming to 410/420 grade and equivalent international standards, and are ISO & CE marked. It is our total commitment to meet the ever changing needs of hospitals and surgeons by developing cost effective reuseable open surgery and endoscopic instruments. We Are Committed To Quality , Value And Service Rust Proof, Non-Glare, Ergonomic design, Light weight, Affordable Instruments. Innovation we constantly strive to innovate and improvise the existing products with consultation and feedback received from trade and users, recently we have developed the following products.

1. Sacrospinous colopexy set approved by Delhi gynecology and endoscopic endoscopic society,

2. Black Plasma coated and silver sand blasted with a unique process to make it non-glare and aesthetic appeal Under development: Antimicrobial coated instruments We also provide wide range of Basic and Surgical Instruments for all Specialty that Include:¬

• Cardiac Surgical Instruments
• Minimally Invasive Instruments
• Neuro & Spine Surgery Instruments
• Gynea Surgery Instruments
• ENT Surgery Instruments
• Orthro Instruments