ICU & OT Consumable Products

We Offer Full Range of Critical Care Products and our portfolio include :¬
Airway Management
A comprehensive range of airway management devices incuding, Laryngeal Mask Airways, Laryngoscopes, ET Tubes, Nasopharyngeal Airways and Guedel Airways.
The range of Breathing Systems include Standard Parallel Circuits, Bain Circuits, Paediatric Circuits and Custom Made Circuits.
Critical Care
A complete range of ICU circuits, active humidification cirucits, CPAP and BiPAP.
Neonatal Breathing Systems
Caring for our most delicate patients, We have developed a full range of ITU Breathing systems, Nasal Cannula, Anaesthetic accessories, Laryngoscopes, Endotracheal tubes and Resuscitators suitable for neonatal care.
Breathing Filters
The range of Breathing Filters and HMEF’s include Adult Electrostatic Breathing Filters and HMEF’s, Mini Electrostatic Breathing Filters and HMEF’s, Adult and Paediatric Pleated Hydrophobic Bacterial/Viral Filters.
Oxygen & Aerosol Therapy
The range of Oxygen and Aerosol Therapy products include Variable Concentration Oxygen Masks, Fixed Concentration Oxygen Masks, Post Operative Oxygen Therapy, Nebulisers and Nebuliser Kits.